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     Here are listings of any dogs that we may have for sale. If there are none listed, please feel free to contact a breeder on this site or scroll to the bottom and send us an email with the application attached at to see if there are upcoming Lhasas for sale.

Available Dogs

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Do you have room in your home and hearts for a sweet senior dog?


“Pinkie Pie” is a senior Lhasa Apso/Cocker mix (10 years old) who is not adjusting well to her current environment.  Unfortunately, Pinkie’s owner is also a senior who had to move into an apartment type complex and Pinkie does not like it.  Her owner has received complaints about her barking and needs to find her a new home.


Her owner describes Pinkie as: “A sweet, playful girl who loves everyone..young and old! She is territorial in and around my apartment building where there are lots of big dogs..barks and pulling on leash. Perfectly house trained but barks at door and windows. A fenced in yard of her own would be best.”


If you or you know of someone who maybe interested in a small dog, Pinkie maybe perfect. If interested please fill out the “Application” below and return it to our club.  

(This is a complimentary listing; Pinkie has not been evaluated by the TCLAC and placement will be made through the owner)

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