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Twin Cities

Lhasa Apso Club

     Here are listings of any dogs that we may have for sale. If there are none listed, please feel free to contact a breeder on this site or scroll to the bottom and send us an email with the application attached at to see if there are upcoming Lhasas for sale.

Available Dogs

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Rocco was surrendered to the Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Club, because he did not seem to like all members of his family.  The family loved him, but in doing so allowed Rocco to make his own rules in life.


Rocco’s foster mom says Rocco has been a joy to have.  He has flourished under a structured lifestyle.  Rocco is housebroken, loves his stuffed toys, gets along with other dogs and cats. His favorite pastime is sitting on the couch with his foster mom.


The best home for Rocco, would be a quiet home, not many visitors and no children.  Owners must understand the independence and intelligence of the breed and commit to continuing a structured lifestyle for Rocco.

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