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Twin Cities

Lhasa Apso Club

     Here are listings of any dogs that we may have for sale. If there are none listed, please feel free to contact a breeder on this site or scroll to the bottom and send us an email with the application attached at to see if there are upcoming Lhasas for sale.

Available Dogs

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Meet Rascal 
Rascal (aka Rocco) was a Covid puppy, adopted from a puppy mill. He was born into a situation which didn’t offer any socialization or human handling and then went to a home that said they were unable to train or socialize him because of Covid. Suffice to say, Rascal has had a rough beginning and has an issue with people trying to make him do things. After experiencing behavioral issues and biting, the family was going to euthanize Rascal, TCLAC offered to rescue him. 
After 6 months in foster care, Rascal is doing well. It was found he had extremely low thyroid, which can cause aggression. Medication for both thyroid and behavioral issues have helped tremendously, he will always need to be on medication. 
Rascal is considered a “special needs” adoption and needs an owner who understands dog behavior and is not fearful.  Rascal is the perfect dog 95% of the time, loving and playful but he is stubborn and does not like to be controlled. 
He loves to play fetch, and needs a secure fenced yard. A quiet home with consistent communication and routine would be ideal. Rascal loves to hang outside and share your space on the couch. 
At just 3 years old, neutered, Rascal has a long life ahead of him, if someone will just give him a chance and accept him for himself. Are you that person? 

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