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     Here are listings of any dogs that we may have for sale. If there are none listed, please feel free to contact a breeder on this site or scroll to the bottom and send us an email with the application attached at to see if there are upcoming Lhasas for sale.

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Taz's Story 

Taz is a 4 ½ year old retired champion, who’s fun happy attitude was obvious when in the ring. A year ago, Taz flew to California in hope of living out his life in a forever home, enjoying being pampered. Unfortunately, the home was not a good fit and Taz found himself in the real possibility of being euthanized. Taz’s breeder was willing to take Taz back, when she herself ended up in the hospital. The Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Club knew Taz was a great little dog who needed help quickly. Thanks to the help from  Lhasa Apso friends in California, Taz was rescued and fostered until arrangements could be made to fly him to Minnesota.  

Every experienced lhasa apso person who has met Taz, agrees he is one of the nicest lhasa apsos they have ever encountered, happily greeting everyone.  He is a small boy, just 11 pounds who gets along well with other dogs and cats. He loves going for walks and sitting next to you on the couch. He is a smart little guy, who needs and responds to training and structure.  He does need refreshing on house training and may need to wear a belly band when unattended. His past owners said he could resource guard certain items but neither his breeder nor his 2 experienced foster homes have seen him exhibit this behavior, but it is something to consider. 

Due to the many changes Taz has had to endure during the past couple of months, (and his tail is still just a wagging) TCLAC  is looking for a forever home that is  experienced with the breed and dog behavior.

Taz’s next home must be the right fit. TCLAC will only respond to inquiries who fill out and submit the “Application.”

Someone will be very lucky to add Taz to their home.


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