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     Here are listings of any dogs that we may have for sale. If there are none listed, please feel free to contact a breeder on this site or scroll to the bottom and send us an email with the application attached at to see if there are upcoming Lhasas for sale.

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Male Lhasa Apso. 

Neutered male. 

Born May 6th, 2015. 


Robby is a sweet sweet boy with a wonderful temperament. He is a retired show dog and has won some nice awards, and he is now available to a fitting home. Robby has a clean bill of health, current on vaccinations, barely barks, knows basic manners, crate trained, walks perfect on a leash, follows and stay close, comes when called, easy to brush and groom when needed and he lets you brush his teeth. He will fit into most family dynamics with no issues. Robby is good with kids of all ages but have them go slow at first so is not to spook him. He gets along great with small dogs (never lived big dogs), and cats.  

Robby will need an owner to continue with his potty training habits. He's gone from 0% potty trained to 100% potty trained in my home. Potential owners will need to set a good potty routine for at least a month or so until he adjust to his new environment. 

Please email the Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Club if you would like to know more about Robby.


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